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Find the Best Lawyer in the UAE

Whether you are dealing with matters in business, construction, information technology, insurance, or property, there may come a time where you run into matters concerning the law. In order to ensure that you deal with these matters effectively and legally, you will require the help of specialist lawyers. A lawyer, or attorney, is an individual [...]

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5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer in Dubai

As Dubai’s economy continues to thrive, there is a steady demand for personal and commercial properties. Many people are interested in becoming homeowners in Dubai, due to the plentiful career opportunities that it provides. However, purchasing property, whether for commercial use or personal use, can sometimes be complicated. However, this is no reason to hesitate, [...]

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Managing Disputes within Construction Consulting Contracts

Construction and engineering is a major element of Dubai’s booming economy. With so many contracts taken on a regular basis, it is natural for disputes to arise every now and then. However, it is always important to effectively manage disputes within construction consulting contracts. Maintaining good relations with contractors and collaborators in the construction and [...]

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5 Tips for Successfully Resolving Construction Disputes

Construction and engineering is a major industry in UAE, and has lent its hand towards its rapid development. However, every now and then, whether a small contract of a large one, construction disputes may arise. Therefore, in times like these, it is important to consult with expert construction dispute lawyers in Dubai. Experienced construction lawyers [...]

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UAE Legal Q&A’s: Reporting affronts to public decency

UAE Legal Q&A’s: Reporting affronts to public decency In many malls and shopping centres, my family and I see men improperly holding women accompanying them or even putting their hands in the women’s back pockets and groping them. Can I report such behaviour to the police? And on what charge? Article 358 of the Penal [...]

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Dubai Court launches 30 smart services to ensure happiness of the audience

The Dubai Courts launched its first bundle of smart services that would allow the public using the judicial services through smart devices around the clock. The Dubai Courts application that offers 30 services is now available to the public. It saves time, effort and cost to the customers.

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The 4th round of moot court contest launched in Dubai

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Dubai Deputy Ruler and Chairman of the Board of Dubai Judicial Council, the 4th round of the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition was launched within the initiatives of the legal excellence and thought.

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