Landlords and tenants in both residential and commercial lease contracts can get into disagreements. A properly drafted lease contract contains resolution methods for disputes including mediation or filing a suit with the local courts. A landlord and tenant disagreement is best resolved with legal counsel or representation from a property dispute lawyer in Dubai. Before a lawsuit is filed, it is best to try out different conflict resolution methods as settling a dispute involving the courts can be exhaustive of both time and money.

Rental disputes lawyers are always busy and it is no secret that rental disputes are one of the most common legal issues. In the UAE, each emirate created its own rules and regulations to effectively manage the relationship between a landlord and their tenant. As a result, labourlawyer in Dubaiisin constant contact with their clients to help shed light on the legalities of their cases and resolve them quickly and positively.

Major issues

There are major problems between both parties such as an increase in rent, eviction for non-payment of rent, requesting the rent deposit, failure of the landlord to carry out maintenance of the property, forceful eviction by the landlord after the expiry of a one year’s notice as per the law, sublease without the permission of the landlord etc.

Before taking any action, you should first consult with a property or rental dispute attorney in UAE whenever there is an issue that can’t be resolved between a landlord and a tenant. With a landlord and tenant situation, a landlord will be employing the expertise of a property attorney in preparing a detainer action or in helping prepare or negotiate a lease. In general, a commercial lease is prepared by an attorney.

Rental laws in the UAE can be very complicated. A landlord and tenant dispute have to be taken very seriously as the local authorities in the country don’t take disagreements lightly. A landlord and a tenant both need to undergo research on local laws in order to ensure that they’re both familiar with what they are going into and also to avoid hefty legal expenses.

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