Construction and engineering is a major industry in UAE, and has lent its hand towards its rapid development. However, every now and then, whether a small contract of a large one, construction disputes may arise.

Therefore, in times like these, it is important to consult with expert construction dispute lawyers in Dubai. Experienced construction lawyers will help the parties navigate their way towards settlement.

In addition, keep in mind these 5 tips for successfully resolving construction disputes. These tips can save you a lot of hassle and productivity loss.

1.    Written Contract

All construction and engineering projects begin with a contract. This may be written or verbal. However, in order to ensure a mutual understanding and compliance, it is important to create a formal written contract. Putting down all the details of the contract in writing, including pricing, staffing, deadlines, and responsibilities, is evidence that can be produced in case there is a breach in contract. The written contract can be presented to your construction disputes lawyer, which will help them present a solid case to the other party.


2.    Review the Contract

Many construction and engineering disputes in Dubai can be avoided by simply reading the  contract. If you suspect a breach in contract, then simply read it and identify if there is any clause that states the given act as a breach in contract. If it does, then you have a solid case. Likewise, if you are accused of going against the contract, then you can reread it and take corrective actions accordingly.


3.    Negotiate

If a dispute arises despite the above preventive tips, then the next tip is to communicate. Do not attempt the other party with the intention of accusing them or becoming defensive. Instead, you must communicate to come towards an equally beneficial solution. Before negotiation, it is a good idea to consult with expert construction dispute lawyers in Dubai who are well-versed with the local law. A skilled lawyer can guide you through the negotiation process in the most effective manner.


4.    Mediation

If communication and negotiation is unsuccessful, then mediation may be required. This occurs when a third-party is enlisted for a more formal negotiation process. The third party mediator will help the disputing parties come to an agreement and resolve the dispute.


5.    Litigation

If all other efforts towards resolution fail, then the last option is litigation. This refers to court proceedings. Both parties will present their cases in a legal court, where a judge will make the final decision according to the law. It is necessary to hire experienced construction lawyers to present your case in court. This can be a very costly and time-consuming process, so it should always be kept as a last resort.


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