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Banking & Finance

At Al Zarooni Legal Firm, our team of banking and financial consultants and experts are highly experienced and specialize in sophisticated banking transactions. Their knowledge spans various areas including Banking Laws, Islamic and Commercial Banking Contracts and Transactions, letters of credit, debt recovery from defaulting bank customers and so on.

We provide legal advice regularly to several UAE banks on a number of banking transactions, and have drafted and reviewed a large number of banking forms and contracts, including loan agreements, syndicated loans, securities, and mortgages etc.

As Banking and finance lawyers, we also deal with the lending and borrowing of money, as well as the management of financial liabilities. Our task, is to provide structure to our clients’ transactions, protect their legal and commercial interests, and negotiate and document any contractual agreement between the lenders and borrowers. This field is always evolving and filled with law jargon making it even more complex.

At Al Zarooni Legal Firm, we urge you to avoid getting into serious legal issues. If you do find yourself in need of legal help, speak to an expert, contact us today! We are available on phone and email, round the clock all year round.

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